Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Critique Group an Island Getaway

Some weeks life's siren call conspires to distance me from KM, and the only thing keeping my butt in chair for the hard work of writing is critique group. This week is no exception. Between homework three-hours-plus a night for my youngest (we're working with the school to convince them that this heavy work load is asking too much of any 6th grader, let alone a child with special needs), last-minute arrangements for the upcoming SCBWI Illinois Prairie Writer's Day conference, and preparations for our church youth group's annual haunted house (yes, we do a haunted house on holy ground), keeping writing a priority is a challenge.

Critique group meets today. Looking forward to meeting up with J & A. Our meeting days are so focused, centered, and immersed in the craft, they're how I imagine I'd feel after spending uninterrupted time on my own personal island getaway.

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