Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I See Dead Computers...

Quick updates from a borrowed computer:

1. Okay, so my computer isn't dead yet, but it's close (keeps going all blue screen on me.) The Geek Squad has it...along with all my files. Here's hoping the fix will be quick and painless with no lost data.

2. Korean Culture Camp is this week with the younger girls, which means my week's pretty much shot in terms of creative output. Hoping I won't be too tired tonight to sign onto the Plotting the Novel class with Writers on the Net.

3. I'll be taking a hiatus of sorts for the next few weeks; so if I don't get around to posting as often, I'm likely cramming for class, doing end of summer activities with the girls, or begging the Geek Squad to be nice to my computer.


edited to add: So glad I backed up recently.

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