Friday, July 06, 2007

Celebration and A Must-Read

A celebration is in order for critique group member J. Turns out that a query to agent Stephen Fraser sent a mere three weeks ago netted a request for the entire novel. Yay, J! We never doubted your story would get noticed. Now, address that envelope and send the rest of it out!

On a personal note: J handed me a copy of my book at critique group yesterday. Its mine to keep, hold, and read until my own copies arrive. Made my way through much of the book this am. I am awed and inspired by the women represented in the pages. Somehow, despite the many challenges they face as they raise and love their own special needs children, they manage to summon the strength, honesty, humor, and grace they need to survive another day, another week, another year. I'm humbled and truly honored to be a part of such a moving and powerful collection.

My must-read for this weekend: Janet Evanovich's latest Stephanie Plum novel, Lean Mean Thirteen. Few authors write so well that I'm in danger of burning dinner because I forget something's on the stove when I'm reading. Evanovich is one of them.

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