Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Scrambling and Scratching

I received a call late last night that I can't ignore. Friends of my dad are moving this weekend. They're leaving a two-year-old Amana washer-dryer set that's not part of the sale. The set's free for the hauling--if we can pick it up tonight.

Seeing as our Maytags are at least 18 years young (we bought them with the house), I'm motivated to make this work. The catch: P's unavailable this evening, which means it's up to me to arrange for transportation, a couple strong backs (I'm paying a couple of my daughter's friends) and a sitter.

I'm on it.

On the writing front: fellow critique group member J emailed today to say her copy of Special Gifts arrived yesterday. I'm thrilled to hear she has the book in hand, and is making her way through it, one tissue box at a time. However, her news leaves me scratching my head. I pre-ordered copies from the publisher, and have yet to see them. So far I've held off on ordering from Amazon...

Current read: Coraline by Neil Gaiman. Not a bedtime read, unless you're into really creepy dreams.

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