Thursday, June 21, 2007

Critique Group Snafu: One Writer's Tale About Why X plus Y Doesn't Always Equal What Happens Next

Have you ever had an "uh-oh" moment? I'm betting you have.

The moment I have in mind is the kind where you're cruising through you're day, feeling confident, energized and organized, when all of a sudden you're blindsided by the realization that you've neglected to include a key element into the equation of x plus y equals what happens next.

This was the case for me yesterday. A half hour or so before leaving for critique group with my youngest daughter S, I was packing a cooler for the road when I remembered a key part of the equation for making crit group happen for me.

My uh-oh moment: E started summer school last week, stupid, which means a 10 a.m. start time for critique group is no longer good because someone needs to meet the bus at the curb at noon.

Um, duh, especially since crit group meets 45 minutes away.

During moments like these I'm reminded of:

1. how many schedules I'm juggling.
2. how disruptive summer can be (despite the obvious freedoms it brings).
3. why I prefer the structure (and hours of uninterrupted time) the school year brings.
3. how grateful I am for fellow writers and kindred spirits, J and A, who despite a frantic, last-minute phone call, graciously agreed to meet later in the day (and offered stories of their own scheduling snafus and near misses when navigating their writer mom days.)

In a whacked out way, I'm happy to know we writer moms are all losing brain cells together. :)

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