Friday, May 04, 2007

Wild About Art and Music

We attended the girls' art and music show last night. Fabulous. Chorus with S included a refreshing mix of traditional and contemporary numbers. Some of the more avant garde selections: basketballs bounced to a hip-hop number, and pulsing glow wands and glasses timed to the music. The art show featured artwork in various mediums by S and E and their classmates, and live demonstrations by a potter and jewelry maker.

Of particular note: the lively, interactive shows seemed to engage everyone, even the most reluctant and/or inexperienced art afficionados. As a writer I can't help but believe this observation relevant for my own art. Questions that come to mind:

1. How can I as a writer apply the show's successful elements to my own art?

2. What will engage my readers so completely that when they close my book they'll be compelled to shout about it?

3. These and other questions will be on my mind as I continue my forward progress through KM, which by the way, has undergone a major transformation thanks to insights gained during last weekend's retreat.

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