Friday, January 12, 2007

Friday Writer's Dance

Doing a Friday dance. E's on the mend. I am, too. Slowly digging out of the piles that accumulated while sick. Edge of the Forest subs. Lots of chatter on writer's and book review lists. Tons of email. Too much of it junk. Crits. Lots of crits. These get priority. Looking forward to reading everyone's subs, and having the focusing power to do so. One of the best-kept secrets about saying yes to critting someone else's manuscript: inevitably, I learn something because of it...a zippier way to use dialogue, a more economical, yet elegant way to connote setting, a unique way to use point of view...which means my writing's better because of it. Not sure how much creative I'll get to before the end of the day. Half day of school today. Pick-up's in five minutes. More later.

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