Thursday, January 25, 2007

Crit Group Musings, Part Two

Crit group. I can't imagine muscling my way through last year without it. J, A and I formed our little group in late fall of 2005. Our love of fantasy and the need to work on novel-length pieces brought us together.

Early on we moved from once-a-month meetings to twice monthly, making pledges to stay focused and productive. The built-in deadlines saved me. So did our biweekly face times. Without them, I wouldn't have produced the work I did. The challenges of E's neurosurgery, recovery, and subsequent illnesses would have dragged me under. I'm certain of it.

So, where am I headed with this particular posting? I suppose a big thank you is in the Powers that Be who brought our group the amazing synergy our group has J and A for keeping me honest...and to my Vermont College advisors, Ellen Levine, Sharon Darrow, Jane Resh Thomas, and Tim Wynne-Jones for teaching me to trust the process.

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