Saturday, December 16, 2006

Writing During the Holidaze

I apologize for going silent for as long as I did. No one's sick. Our DSL went down.

Here's a Cliff Notes version of what's been occupying my time since my last post:

1. Reviewing the ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy) for Special Gifts: Women Writer's on the Happiness, the Heartache and the Hope of Raising a Special Needs Child. Makes it real to finally have it in my hands.

2. Writing--Spent most of my creative time this week finishing up my ghost story which finally has a satisfying ending. (Now we'll see what the crit group thinks. We meet next week.)

3. Holiday prep--we host Christmas with P's family this year, which means we've a whole lot of house to clean. Upside is we've been unearthing lots of things we thought we'd lost.

4. Shopping--thankfully I'm almost done with that. I've a few odds and ends left to do, then P takes over. Yep, you've read it right. I gather. He wraps. We've had this arrangement for years. Works out really well.

5. Enjoying our older daughter who arrived home Thursday from her first sem of college.

6. Finishing up last-minute prep for tonight's Christmas program at church. We still have Muddy Buddies to make for the potluck afterward. A couple hours and counting before we need to be sitting in the pews.

Fa la la la la la la la la.

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pegkerr said...

Kim! I got your Christmas card today. GREAT PICTURE! And I'm delighted to get the address to your blog; I will set up an RSS feed so I can read it on my friends page on LJ. Congrats on all your success, the sales, the writing projects, etc. Excellent! I got my card in the mail to you just last night.

And you are on Sparkpeople, too! Outstanding. What is your user name there? I am bluesox4113 on Sparkpeople. Email me and let me know: pegkerr (at) Have you set up a Sparkpage yet? It would be great to be able to check in regularly with you there, too. It's worked out really well for me.

Delighted to hear from you, and I would be happy to keep in regular touch through our journals and SparkPeople.