Monday, December 11, 2006

Deadlines, Vampires and a Chipped Tooth

Deadlines. I love them and hate them. I love them because they help keep writing a priority when life conspires. I hate them because they prevent me from doing the things that need getting done like laundry so the girls have clean underwear, good, old-fashioned home cooking so we can eat something healthy for a change, Christmas cards because the season's upon us, filing before I lose track of ideas, subs, bills, you name it.

Top of the deadline pile for today: submissions for Edge of the Forest online children's literature monthly. Both "interviews" are on someone else's desk right now, which means I'll need to hustle as soon as copy's returned.

Also vying for my time today: E's tooth. She came home Friday complaining of a tooth ache. Her teacher figured she'd bitten her lip. By the time we determined the real reason for the pain--that E'd chipped off a chunk of her tooth, exposing the nerve--E's regular dentist was gone for the rest of the weekend. Motrin and E's high tolerance for pain allowed us to nurse the offending molar until first thing this am when we were able to see the dentist. I'm ever so grateful we dodged the need to find a peds dentist over the weekend qualified enough to work on E. I guess with everything E's been through lately--mostly recently her neurosurgery--an exposed root is small bananas.

Current read: Just picked up Stephenie Meyers' newest book, New Moon. Looking forward to curling up with this latest installment in the Bella Swan and Edward Cullen saga. For anyone intrigued by vampires with a heart, this author deserves a serious look. Meyer's first book in what I hope will be a continuing series: Twilight.

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