Thursday, May 25, 2006

Cross-eyed Web Research Delays Butt-In-Chair Time

I should be deep into revisions on KM. Instead, my BIC time's on hold until I finish surfing the web for info about the use of service dogs at school.

My mission: to build a portfolio of resource materials on the subject, including the benefits of service dogs at school, a copy of the federal law protecting such, and a sample letter to send home to parents prior to the dog's arrival.

My goal: to use this info to "educate" the Powers that Be at my daughter's school.

By rights, the school should conduct its own research, proactively seeking the info it needs in order to get comfortable with the idea of Jewel attending school with E next fall. Unfortunately, during the 10-plus years P & I have worked with this school system on special ed issues, we've learned not to expect proactive posturing in E's favor.

On deck: Creation of a new file about service dogs. (Good background for my muse to ponder behind my back for possible use in future projects.) And re-visions to KM this afternoon (after I complete enough research to convince my muse I'll be able to work without distraction.)

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