Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Loose Ends, Pantsers, and Communing with My Characters

Wow. Time has flown since I last posted; so, I'll just dive in and see where it takes me. Fellow writers in one of the groups I attend monthly call the diving in kind of approach being a "pantser." It's a short-hand way of saying one writes (or works) by the seat of his/her pants. Suits my style right about now, and has rarely led me astray.

Wrapping up some loose ends:
The article I was on deadline for in November can be found on newsstands in the latest issue of Family Time magazine. It's about the top five causes of teen deaths. It's a heavy topic but the article offers encouraging advice for parents.

On deck this week while wearing my writer mom hat:

1. Posting my crit of T's manuscript (which is fabulous as always) to our online critique group.

2. Posting my latest installment of M&R for critique by the end of the day Thursday. The challenge in getting it done in time will be deciding what to send. Thanks to NaNoWriMo, I now have a completed manuscript. But I haven't worked on the story since early December, and I'm afraid it's rather rough in the NaNoWriMo kind of way. Still, there could be worse issues...like not having anything to work with. Looking forward to getting down and dirty and communing with my characters. One child returned to school this week. One returns next Monday. Keeping my notebook close, and stealing writing time where I can find it.

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