Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back from Detroit

We returned from Detroit yesterday afternoon. The trip was a whirlwind, but worth it. Monday we drove out and stayed at Ronald McDonald House. Tuesday we met Dr. R, who is known in the Little People community for his experience with primordial dwarfs and their dental issues. We also met with Dr. S, who will likely tag team with Dr. R.

One of the first things Dr. R did after examining E was put us at ease. What he saw, he said, is consistent with what he's seen with other kids like E. Yes, she needs work, he said. A new set of teeth, in fact. But we have room to breathe. Enough time to do it right. We left with a plan. By summer this should be behind us. I wore my book around my neck the entire time. It reminded me of who I am outside of being a mom and caregiver.

More later after I have a chance to decompress.

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Michelle said...

Big hugs! I just sent my weekly submission, but feel free to wait on it until you get back into the groove. :)

Hopefully I'll see you at the network meeting?!