Monday, May 19, 2008

Writing lessons from Mother Mallard

Last week on the way downstairs to give E her morning meds, I spied Mother Mallard standing on the wooden walkway near the front door. The sighting delighted me. It meant there's a good chance the eggs she laid earlier this month must be more than testers. Why else would she risk being chased by our two retrievers and tom cat?

Seeing her I felt a pang of envy, probably because I wish I had half her fortitude when it comes to my own work. How does she come by her faith? How does she know her little ones need her on the coldest nights? How can I have that same knowing that the ideas I place down on paper will someday give birth? Brings to mind a story from the Bible. The one about faith the size of a mustard seed. Talk about patience and perseverance.

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