Sunday, May 24, 2009

Missing My Muse

Coaxing anything useful out my muse in recent weeks has been less than satisfying. It wasn't until P and I were chatting about it yesterday that I realized why.

"Give yourself a break," he said. "Of course you're having trouble. Have you thought about what you've got on your plate lately? It's high stakes stuff. I mean don't even think about all the IEP stuff we've had to deal with. The trip out East alone is more than the average family has to deal with."

Oh, yeah, I thought. When you put it that way, we have had a boat load of stress on our plates, and it's not over. Here's a taste of what we've been dealing with (and what's upcoming):

1. IEP meeting last week, along with all the prep that went into preparing for it.
2. Follow-up IEP meeting this coming Tuesday (to finish up last week's business which was a follow-up to an April meeting.)
3. Trip with E to the East Coast Wed.-Fri. for visits with specialists in E's type of dwarfism and the issues surrounding it.
4. IEP meeting two weeks later for S.

Hmmm. No wonder my muse is less than enthused when I ask her to come out and play.

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