Friday, December 07, 2007

Amusing the Muse--Gingerbread Houses Tonight

My muse has something else to concentrate on today (rather than wallowing in the dreck dredged up earlier this week thanks to E's doctor visit downtown.) Tonight's the annual Gingerbread House-Making event at church.

This morning, I headed over to the church to help mix-up the royal icing needed to "glue" together 27 houses. I also set up pre-made plates of house trimmings (peppermints, dots, M&Ms, candy canes, licorice, marshmallows, etc.) to ensure everyone has what they need ahead of time.

Part of the charm of the evening (and a key reason my muse is so amused by it all) is watching how each person approaches the process. A good number of kids go straight for the candy, eating all the choice pieces before they begin to decorate. Others plan out each bit of trim, coordinating colors and candies with a precision that'd make an architect proud. Some show an amazing ability to think outside of the box by constructing something unexpected like a Christmas train or forest scene.

What amuses me most about the evening is seeing how many of the adults immerse themselves in the activity (some enjoy it so much they come every year, bringing additonal supplies from home), and give themselves permission to play.

My guess is that the opportunity to play is what brings so many people out for the event each year. I suppose we all need down-time this time of year, don't we?

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