Thursday, October 12, 2006

Writing Breakthroughs, Deadlines, and Catching Up

Ten pages are due tomorrow for Lauren's class. Ten.

And how many do I have completed? Less than half. But it's only 3-ish the day before deadline...

I had good intentions to be further along by now. Really, I did. But here's the thing. Monday was a holiday, which made putting in any good uninterrupted writing time next to impossible with both girls home. And I'm just too tired to write at night, so I don't even attempt working on creative in the evenings anymore. So, I thought, okay Tuesday I'll get started and still have a solid four days to revise my second chapter. But then E caught whatever cold everyone's passing around. And unfortunately, everyone else's 24-hour bug is a 36- or 48-hour one for E. So, you can probably guess how that turned out.

One good thing that came out of the beginning of the week: I made a major breakthrough on my KM manuscript. Finally. I've written and rewritten this novel so many times from so many points of view that I swear I could probably generate at least six books out of the various versions.

A clear path forward on whose story to tell, and, more importantly, how to quilt the pieces of his/her story together has eluded me until this week. I'm so happy to finally be in this place. Whenever people ask me how KM is coming along, I joke that I'm on the Tolkien 15-year plan of writing the fantasy novel. After making this week's breakthrough, I'm hopeful I'll have a completed manuscript in hand a lot sooner.

Other work I'm trying to catch up on (but feel woefully behind):

*crit group crits
*K's manuscript (which I've had forever)
*T's manuscript
*T's thesis
*follow-up letter re SCBWI Illinois PR plan

Current read: Adele Griffin's National Book Award Finalist, My Almost Epic Summer. Delightful.

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