Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Camping Today

Well, this is it. We're leaving today come heck or high water, and judging by the weather report it'll be both. Today marks the seventh day in a row with temps nearing 100 degrees. Add to this the fact that we're expecting a front to move in--a violent one that's spawned multiple tornados in its wake. Yee-hah.

Shouldn't be surprised. P and I have been rained on so often while camping we call this phenomenon the (insert our last name) rain effect.

Bring it on. The rain's bringing MUCH cooler weather (20 degrees difference), and the fact is we won't popping up the camper until well after the front goes through. Tonight we plan to "camp" at my mom's place which just happens to be a few blocks away from the state park where we're headed.

On the to-do list for today (which means we're still hours away from leaving, which means we'll probably be driving through the front, which means our trip should be really exciting, but we're still going, darn it):

* check the wheel bearings on the camper to be sure we won't have to abandon it on the side of the road (P's putting down the camper as I post so he can take it to be checked)
*load firewood (the idea of a fire right now in 100 degree heat is unappealing at best, but the front is rumored to be coming through later on today, and what's camping without a kick-butt fire?)
*pack the food/coolers
*stop the mail and paper, put lights on timers, buy last-minute groceries, pack for myself
*there's more to do
*I guess we're a bit out of practice
*No, scratch that...I know we're out of practice
*there's a message in here somewhere for a writer, isn't there?
*the closer you stay to an activity--say, like camping, or writing--the easier it is to begin again without reinventing the systems needed to do it well.

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