Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Dog-Day Afternoons, Revisions, and Second Drafts

Working with a service dog means federal law allows you entrance into any public place. The problem is some of those public places are eaiser to navigate than others, and not all the people working them are aware of the law.

One of the best ways to handle these situations is to learn by doing. This is the main reason why Jack is hosting a summer group at the Hanson Center for teens and their service dogs. We meet today for the first time. In addition to socializing, the girls will plan outings for the rest of the summer. Jack wants one of the trips to be to the mall. E's psyched.

Appetite for Writing: Hungry.

On today's creative to-do list: Making final changes to a proposed article for Once Upon a Time, a highly specialized magazine for children's writers and illustrators and those interested in children's literature. In addition, I'll be finishing up the second draft of the ghost story I'm working on for the anthology from Children's Brains Are Yummy. Working on this particular short story has been a hoot, and, given the short bursts of uninterrupted time available to me these days, very satisfying.

Current read: If We Kiss by Rachel Vail.

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