Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Channeling, two pages a day, and then some

So many ideas have come forth since making Monday's commitment to tackle two pages a day--just two pages no matter what--I had to tell someone.

It all started after I sat butt in chair Tuesday and dusted off my most recent version of Keeper's Song. Hours later, I discovered I'd written through lunch. Decided I had better set the alarm, or risk forgetting to pick up the girls early enough from school to make E's therapy on time.

To say my butt-in-chair time went well is an understatement. Ended up tweaking and rewriting and finding myself SO excited all over again about the story and the characters and the world I've created. Spent Tuesday reassessing the shape of the novel. Next on deck: rereading all my advisors' notes from my various novel drafts, then deciding whose arcs to follow, and whose to set aside for the sake of the story.

To be honest, communing with my story after being away from it for so long was enough to end my day contented. Little did I know my muse was just ramping up. While fixing my belated lunch, a 12-year-old boy started rambling on in my head about all sorts of things, but mostly conversing about the downsides of getting what he wished for. Since he wouldn't shut up, I exited my novel, found my notebook, and started scribbling down notes.

Snippets of scenes came to me all day yesterday. About his adventure, the day it began, and the people involved. Ended up taking my notebook everywhere. Even pulled over to the side of the road one time because he was so insistent I not forget anything. Talk about channeling.

Page count since Monday: 16-plus hand-written pages!

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